A Debut Worth Waiting For

Discover the art of delayed gratification with GP Lane’s Waiting on Women.

This unique collection features five stories that share one thing in common: the frustrations, thrills, and ultimate payoffs that come with hanging around for that one special woman — whoever she may be.

From the brother who waits for his chronically late sister while drinking and rambling his way around Manhattan to the flashy widow from Texas who is swept up in an unexpected romance in New York, each story features brave, beautiful, complex women who certainly know how to make their mark on the world.

In “Li”, the dynamics of a wish-fulfilled have severe consequences for an unsuspecting American couple, while the horror that is “The Appointment” deepens the bond between two friends as they wait for an unsettling woman. And in “Bette and Meryl”, waiting to be near that one special someone shows the pair to be more alike than they care to believe.Buy the Book