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Oh, and I’ve ghostwritten literally thousands of pieces of original content, from snappy blog posts to ridiculously technical white papers.

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Two Safety Nets for the Price of One

According to recent reporting, about one in four Americans is underbanked, meaning they rely on expensive, potentially predatory financial products and services like payday loans and prepaid debit cards. Approximately 7% of Americans is totally unbanked. They're cash...

You Need a Plan

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not much of a planner. I'm fortunate to live with someone who, among many other wonderful qualities, is an above-replacement planista. It's not at all clear to me where I'd be without her. That's not why you're reading...

There’s No Wrong Answer Here

How many credit cards do you carry in your wallet? Do you have any other active card accounts lurking in a lockbox or secure filing cabinet at home? In a recent post for Money Crashers, I gamed out multiple answers to a question that you've probably wondered at...

What Did We Get Ourselves Into?

And you may find yourself in a beautiful house /With a beautiful wife /And you may ask yourself, well /How did I get here? /The Talking Heads captured the zeitgeist better than their contemporaries, but they didn't have a crystal ball. They couldn't imagine that, 30...


I managed to avoid political reporting until earlier this year, when I published a series of candidate profiles and issue pieces for OZY. Some of my conclusions have held up better than others. Nothing is written, but this story, about the GOP's efforts to maintain...

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